Thursday, May 26, 2016

Anderson Contemporary Art Tour

The evening consisted of a private art gallery tour & presentation featuring the work of artists Eleanora Kupencow, Riad Miah and Andrei Petrov.

Eleanora Kupencow has received numerous public commissions that have been received with great international acclaim. Most recently her work, Horsing Around the Arrows of Time, was commissioned for NYC's Dag Hammerskjold Plaza. She has shown her work all over the world, including Galerie Pananti in Florence, Italy.

Ms. Kupencow shared with us her relationship to technology and took us through the journey each sculptural piece undergoes from  paper to cardboard to aluminum. She stated: "Without the digital assistance of scanning and the CAD disk and the water-jet machine and powder-coating, I could not proceed."

Now in her 80s, Ms. Kupencow has been creating art since she was a small girl.  According to her artist statement, she credits her family "for allowing me to give myself permission to become an artist. Permission is the first step in risk taking, which is necessary for any creative act, be it in business or in the arts." You can learn more about her work and her philosophy on her website.

Contemporary artist Riad Miah uses mathematical algorithms in the creation of his works, bringing together Science & Art in a very concrete way. His series "Petrie Dish" (not included in this show) mimics what can be observed in bacterial cultures. Heads up to the biologists among us!

Mr. Miah is an educator as well as a fine artist. He has taught at the School of Visual Arts, New York Arts Program, and Parsons The New School for Design, among others. Visit his website for more information.

Andrei Petrov guided us through the fantastical landscapes that made up his works chosen for this show. He invited us to read his paintings, and guests took a lively interest in exploring the colorful worlds he put on display.

After the artists presented their work, gallery owner, Ronni Anderson led us through a tour of additional works exhibited by other artists, including Jamie LeoCaroline Bergonzi, and Valerie Carmet.

The evening was produced by Susan Davis Eley, of Decorating with Fine Art, in cooperation with the Anderson Contemporary Gallery. This was truly a wonderful opportunity for art lovers as well as budding collectors to discover the world of contemporary art.

The NY Arts & Scienes Salon would like to thank Susan and Ronni and the Anderson Contemporary Gallery for making this unique and engaging event possible. Many thanks to John B. Gladitsch for the lovely photos of our event.