Thursday, March 31, 2016

"When Jesus Became God."

A faithful crew joined us for our March Salon, "When Jesus became God." NYASS member Bob Benjamin will led us through a historical perspective on the man who became God in Christian belief. 

Then everyone had a religious experience by trying the Nutella dessert at our tasty venue, Neapolitan Express!

Over 2,000 years after the birth of Christ, there is increasing division within the Judeo-Christian faith, based in part on nationality and religious origins.  Guests engaged in an interfaith discussion on the evolution of the Nicaean Creed.  How did a small Jewish sect evolve into one of the world’s leading religious movements? What peripheral influences were left in its wake? Can a reconcilition among the various sects ever be possible? 
Bob Benjamin holds a degree in religion with a concentration in biblical studies from Trinity College, Hartford and an MBA from University of New Hampshire. Bob recently completed a 36 year career in the financial services industry as a managing director at JPMorgan Securities without a regulatory issue or a customer complaint. He now coaches teens and young adults in personal empowerment and interviewing skills. Learn more about Breaking Away Career Prep. on his website.
Neapolitan Express is a warm and welcoming place with delicious fare. We got such a positive response the last 2 months about the food that we knew we had to come back!  With over 15 pizzas on the menu, you will definitely find something to tempt your palate!